Monday, February 16, 2009

like baby steps.

Theres always time to try out new things. For me now, its blogging. I just felt like being very spontaneous today so BAM, my new blog, essenced. You know for now, I know noone will actually sit there reading my blog, but maybe oneday some one will. It's like taking baby steps.

Anyway its senior year in highschool for me and I really think senioritis bit me in the ass. Like seriously, everyday in school I feel like doing everything I'm not supposed to do. Not to brag or sound like a goodie goodie or anything, but the things called detention....I never had one-- untill this year that is. I've been in and out of the school office these days like it was my job to take in those detention slips. cause you know, I like to live life on the edge. (notice the sarcasm?)

On the same note, for the past three weeks I've been spending my money on going to 노래방(karaoke rooms?). The people there practically know who I am. I bet they sit there and wait for me to give them my hard earned money just to sing a few songs. It's seriously the most addiciting thing these days. Just singing your heart out. Especially now cause they opened a new one called KoKo right next to my house. Before I would have to drive like 30 minutes into the inner city just to go and I would go maybe 2 -3 times a year? but now, EVERY EFFING WEEK. Its not cheap either. Its like 35 for an hour! what is this? a waste of my money. but hey its fun. give it a try. you'll be hooked.


  1. thanks for interested to yourboyhood,
    it is really joyful works for me. :)

    have a nice day.